Saturday, January 16, 2010


I was not surprised the other day when my 20 year old, Mariann came to me, a little upset because she and her new long distance boyfriend were having communication trouble. They met over the Internet... she lives in her own home on her own land in WV, he lives at home (in Pittsburgh) with his family... I mean, they are very different and they don't get to see each other a lot. So their communication is basically through the phone mostly.

He has been to visit her a few times and was very sweet on her... He came on pretty strong, and we were surprised to see Mariann react positively to this as she is very reserved, and grounded. She is very choosy whom she will allow into her private thoughts even. He seemed a little over the top - very talkative, exuberant - much like a Labrador puppy.

But I was surprised when I found out the reason for their lack of communication. It seems when Mariann went to Pittsburgh to meet his family, she didn't feel well. She has a monitor medically placed in her chest to monitor her heart because she was having unknown episodes. She was told that it could effect her appetite, among numerous other things. (You know those commercials when the side effects from the medication seem worse than the condition itself??)

Anyway, that weekend - maybe it was the traveling, maybe it was the nervousness, but she felt nauseous and didn't eat. I guess they kept track, not only of her non-eating habits... but also the amount of times she went to the bathroom (that wasn't enough either, I guess)!!!

His mother's conclusion? Mariann is some sort of socially - inadequate country girl. And a liar (they looked it up on the Internet and nausea wasn't listed). Not only that, she is wanting to get out of WV so badly and head for the exciting lights of Pittsburgh that she is using their precious 22 year old son to get out of WV and move to PA...

We obviously are country bumpkins - we live on top of the mountain, have lived without electricity in our self - sufficient way. Our house is not finished inside and probably won't be for a good long time - we built it with out a mortgage, and totally on our own with our young children. I guess that doesn't count for anything...

Mariann has traveled to 11 different countries since she was 16... She is independent, has been working since she was 16, was promoted to shift manager at McDonald's as the youngest one they have ever had... and still she is "socially" inadequate... wow

It all comes down to living in a state that is notorious for "hicks... hillbillies" etc. .. and we have been labeled as such by this "open minded" family.

So, he has slowly begun to distance himself from her, and it has hurt her. He was supposed to meet her 1/2 way on Sunday and his 2009 truck seems to be developing all these problems so he can't travel any distance... ha

As parents, your husband wants to punch him in the face... As a mother, I want to say something to him for being such a "Mama's Boy" .
I guess his opinion of Mariann can be so swayed so easily, by something that to me sounds ludicrous... He is not a strong enough man to be dating my daughter...

His mother was obviously really reaching for straws to come up with a reason to dislike Mariann...

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