Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bobcat Part 2

The day after we spotted the bobcat, we headed to Ohio to visit our brand new grandson (this makes #2 happy happy).
We put the chickens in the coop with their food and water, we locked  the rouen ducks in their enclosure, and prayed that the bobcat wouldn't jump into the Swedish duck pen, or the Welsh Harlequin duck pen.
We left early on Friday morning and came back Saturday evening - because of my elderly mother living with us, and our animals, we can't leave for much longer than 1 night. We make sure everyone has lots of food and water that will last them until we got back.
We had a quick but very enjoyable visit, and when we arrived home last night, we checked the pens... the bobcat had apparently gotten a rouen through 2x4 fencing... all that was left were a pile of feathers on the outside of the pen.

Everyone else was fine, so we headed for bed. This morning we discovered that the bobcat had found the Swedish duck pen and one of my females was gone. Of course, she was the only one with the crest on her head. *frustration*

So tonight all the ducks are in lock-down. The dogs have been allowed to spend the night outside and hopefully this will at least deter the bobcat until we can figure out what to do. From what I have read, they are not easily discouraged from such easy "Happy Meals" we are supplying!


On a normal day, I wait to open the chicken coop up (to give the girls time to lay their eggs). They have an outside enclosed run (for early morning) but I let them wander outside all day getting bugs, worms, grubs, seeds, scratching and dust bathing. They have free-range and it keeps the bugs down and the feed bill down. As I'm heading out today, I hear a terrible commotion... There to my wondering eyes is a HUGE cat... "BOBCAT!" running around their enclosed pen. The chickens are going crazy! I headed back into the house, still screaming "JIM!!! BOBCAT!!!"
Needless to say, the bobcat took off, and my chickens are probably not going to lay for a day or two.
They are staying in the coop today. I can hear their exclamations as they are discussing the events of the day.

Now I know that the live-trap we use for raccoons and 'possums is totally useless ... and apparently my dogs are too..