Sunday, May 5, 2013


On a normal day, I wait to open the chicken coop up (to give the girls time to lay their eggs). They have an outside enclosed run (for early morning) but I let them wander outside all day getting bugs, worms, grubs, seeds, scratching and dust bathing. They have free-range and it keeps the bugs down and the feed bill down. As I'm heading out today, I hear a terrible commotion... There to my wondering eyes is a HUGE cat... "BOBCAT!" running around their enclosed pen. The chickens are going crazy! I headed back into the house, still screaming "JIM!!! BOBCAT!!!"
Needless to say, the bobcat took off, and my chickens are probably not going to lay for a day or two.
They are staying in the coop today. I can hear their exclamations as they are discussing the events of the day.

Now I know that the live-trap we use for raccoons and 'possums is totally useless ... and apparently my dogs are too..

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