Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sometimes the good-byes lead to joy

We delivered Mariann's horse this weekend.

I have been putting off finding her a new home for a lot of reasons, but it was time. She's 23 and we knew she needed to be somewhere she could live out the rest of her life.
In delivering her, we met a wonderful couple who wanted Princess for their neighbor girls - These girls have wanted a horse all their lives - you know how girls and ponies are.
Judy and David were the type of couple you wish to aspire to be like. Loving, giving, gentle. We knew Princess was in a good home. In fact, I was surprised that I didn't cry - and I really thought I would! But I felt so good about her new home, that I was relaxed when I left her.

After a very hectic weekend, I finally had a chance to look over my email, and I received probably one of the most descriptive and gracious emails I have ever read.:

Good morning, dear friends,

Just had to let you know how much Princess has already won our hearts, and the hearts of people in the neighborhood. Our oldest grandchild came over a few hours after you left and her daddy hopped her on and gave her a ride. Last evening another son brought his girls by for us to babysit, and Hannah, their oldest daughter, wanted a ride. (the pictures sent) So did Jenna, our dau-in-law. Princess has been fed carrots, stroked, whistled to, and loved all around.

This morning in the new freshness of dawn I walked out to see her. The sun was spreading long shadows across hill and dale and the smell  of drying hay hung in the air. Guess who I found at the fence? Jenna stopping by on her morning walk to again say hello.

Half an hour ago there was a knock on our door, and there stood the smiling faces of our neighbor's girls--Sarah Dale and Grace Marie.  We went out together, introduced ourselves all around and they are still out there, taking turns riding Princess bareback.

Your sacrificial sharing has, within 24 hours, already blessed the community. Princess will be loved and sought out for company on a daily basis. Thank you!
We've been looking for a horse for months--I cannot help but feel the Lord had His hand in making our paths cross.

Wishing you God's blessing and peace in the days ahead.
Rest in His grace, David and Judy Yoder

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