Friday, April 13, 2012

Emu Eggs for sale

3 Beautiful Unique Shells for Crafts, Carving, Painting, & Etching! The emu egg makes beautiful jewelry 

EMU EGGS create wonderful works of art. 
The eggs have three layers. Outside-emerald green, middle-teal green, and inside-white.  
The eggs are approximately 13 1/2" end to end  and   10 3/4" around the middle
They have a small hole at one end. The hole is 3/16 inch. (very small)

These eggs are laid by our own  hen.

These eggs may have one or more of he following: blemishes, such as scratches, white oval stains,
natural blemishes, simply due to the hen. These will get covered up by painting, carving, cut-out work, or decoupaging.
All shells are blown, cleaned, & sanitized.  Colors, textures, & shape will vary.
They are not cracked or broken when shipped; but they are insured, if breakage should occur during shipping! 

For more information go to: Emu Eggs where you can order them!

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