Monday, April 16, 2012

It used to be that people would take Sunday drives. They would drive around, look at the countryside, stop to chat with friends. Sometimes chatting with friends would happen in the middle of the road! One going in one direction, another going the opposite way. The people would finally move when someone happened to come up behind them.

For years Jim and I have taken drives just to ride around the countryside. When we first met, we spent a lot of time in a jeep he had repaired... re-building the engine and then painting it. We would take the back roads of WV and be gone for hours, never really knowing where we would end up. 

 When we lived in Summers County, WV and school was called off for snow on the 11:00 news, we would head to the jeep and drive around aimlessly - just to be the first tracks in the snow. 

Driving around as much as we have over the years gave us a perfect opportunity to discuss everything of importance to us... our plans, dreams, fears. It has always been our way of re-connecting with each other.  I guess you would call this our hobby! I don't know that we passed this hobby on the kids. lol

We went for a short drive today... I suddenly felt the need to decompress and just breath in the Spring air.Unfortunately we won't be driving around as much as we used to with the gas prices. The inexpensive hobby has somehow become very close to being out of our financial reach!! :-/

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