Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How do those those lyrics go? "If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all..."

The driveway is such a mess - too much snow, then warmer weather turned it soft, and slushy, now there are ruts... and more snow is coming - which will make a bad thing worse.

The pickup truck developed an oil leak tonight. Luckily my husband Jim is so very quick. The minute he heard a slight "ticking" he stopped the truck and poured oil in it. We drove home and we are hopeful that the engine was not damaged!

And, of course we do not have a car to replace the Subaru that burned in January... The snow has been so deep that I haven't wanted to go look for a vehicle. And we will have to get a loan, which I don't want (Nana held the other loan)...

But, I made cauliflower salad today for Jim's lunches. Plus banana bread - instead of using sour cream, I put in vanilla yogurt - less fat and a great taste.

OK... time to count my blessings...
1.We have a warm house, food, and clothing!
2.Nana doesn't have to see any doctors... she is pretty healthy.
3.Mariann has water in her well - Jim and I pulled the pump out of the well on Sunday (all 200 ft of pipe). It was a job, but the two of us can work well together.
4. We are healthy and still love and respect each other

So, in the scheme of things, we are doing pretty good...

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