Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's with men?

Or is it just WV men??

Last night we had to help Mariann's car get out of the middle of the snowy road - of course it didn't quite make it up the first leg of our road. We followed a pick up truck out (we were in the Rhino lol... "Here we come to save the Day"!!).
So the truck stops and a guy gets out at the same time we do. The guy was in his late 20's I'd say...

Jim started giving Mariann directions, then Jim and I pushed the car a little..then an little more. Reverse... forward...reverse...forward... a very tiny 80 point turn...
Inch by inch we turned Mariann's car around until she finally headed back down the hill.

What did the guy in the pick up truck do?? Got in his truck and watched us...

Do Mamas not teach their boys chivalry anymore???

I would be so surprised (and annoyed) if my son ever watched an older man and woman help a young girl and just sat in his warm truck and watched!

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